A Liquid Crystal Practitioners Crystalline Guide to the 21/12/2012 alignment, some wisdom for the Doorway.

A Liquid Crystal Practitioners Crystalline Guide to the 21/12/2012 alignment, some wisdom for the Doorway.

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A Liquid Crystal Practitioners Crystalline Guide to the 21/12/2012 alignment, some wisdom for the Doorway.

I am not like other people that make predictions and assumptions and when the time comes run and hide, I stand by all that is written here, it is my opinion. It is my intention to not add fear, but offer my opinion on events in our near future. I understand that these points maybe out of alignment with your belief systems and/or personal views, I have repeatedly been asked for my view, so here it is. Please do not think I will be pulled into pointless communications to prove these points to you, take it or leave it.

“The Feminine Spirit of our planet will rise from the Earth as a serpent of all feeling and truth filled emotion, an image of your True Feeling Self on Earth. The Masculine Spirit (that once long ago belonged to another planet) will descend from above as a lightning Flash of thought and divine mind, an image of your true thinking self in the universe. Balancing each other by equal measure in sacred embrace at the core of self, the universal heart will open, Oneness will be and the Age of peace and harmony will Open its loving arms to embrace the Human Race.”

-A cosmic ray is not a measure of Light, but a measure of magnetic force.

-The 2012 planetary alignment is important as the planets are out of the way creating a pathway of absence directly to Earth allowing us to experience our Universal Cores’ influence directly.

-That force is often referred to as a Cosmic Ray and it will reach the Earth striking it in an area including much of Mexico and the ancient home of the Maya.  The Mayan Structures in that area and many similar projects close by and around the world were created for this purpose and to facilitate the human race to make the most of this opportunity by extending it.

-In experiencing this Cosmic Ray and thus our Universal core, we will experience our Source. At this moment, all that is within our consciousness and NOT in alignment with our source, can be seen, our delusions on all levels become obvious; A time or opportunity for truth.

-This opportunity only exists at the peak of the Earths exposure to the cosmic ray or in the doorway a space that only lasts for between 7 or 8 minutes. (I will give the exact time as close as I can below).

-In that 7-8 minutes the planet ascends to a new frequency and so do we, ALL of us!

-We are all prepared for this shift it is a part of our design, we need not worry about it. Our form is transported in Geometric light bodies that exist around us. The most important of which are the Merkabas (Star Tetrahedrons) and the Octahedrons of Light. Both these vehicles generate each other and activate each other; wisdom of one is wisdom of both.  They represent the most basic organic stages of our infinite geometric nature. These Geometric light Bodies will activate naturally as part of the process, if they are new to you, a little more information on them can be found below at the close of these points.

-To ascend realized or in a conscious manner, is another matter. In doing so, the age of Love and Peace can be better fostered and the human race reborn at a higher level. Consciousness is the key, remembering what we see in those 7 minutes is crucial.

-It is important to REMEMBER the actual process particularly the 7 minutes of highest intensity, for in there is the way of Higher Emotional Embrace.  To help in doing this our body is housed in the above-mentioned geometric light bodies (and many others that are larger) to transport it through the process, when this happens we will have a much better chance at not losing what we experience and we will be able to bring it to fruition on the Earth. But these geometries only help more so, in our physical restructuring after the event. Something needed to be done to enhance our memory. There are two main problems with our memory matrix. These issues are time and the effect of magnetic forces on conciousness.

1)Time- With our on mass attachment to time and space, our mortal memory matrix believes 7 minutes in mortal consciousness is just not enough to change the world….…and so it is not enough. (Ahhhh Mortals!!) If only we could on mass, see the illusion of physicality and that it exists only within us as our creation, this issue would not be.

2) Magnetics-The above mentioned Cosmic Ray magnetic forces, have the effect of crossing over thought and emotional pathways. Again this would not be an issue in the grand design where we should FEEL as freely as we THINK and a balanced exchange (crossover) can take place. Unfortunately we have become more thought dependent and are more a thinking consciousness at this time. An uneven cross over results in a wipe or restart of consciousness….we don’t want that, its happened once before, this time we want to remember it all.

-The solution is to extend the event we are then assured to get it right. The Atlantians, Maya, Egyptians and many, many others knew this and we are prepared, our planet is ready. Works have been in process to extend our 7-8 minute chance at memory for a long time, and at this stage we will have about 73 Days (Hopefully 90 days by the 21st) after the event to balance emotional consciousness. This process has been called many things, ‘Living in the Heart’, ‘Embracing Love’, ‘Unconditional Surrender’ and ‘Letting Go’ are some.

-I am lead to believe that we have a little less than three months after the 21st of December 2012 to Feel, Re-establish the balance of consciousness and enter the new age realized.

As I believe to those of you that are open, all the answers to your embrace of Love and Peace will be made available to you in these coming days I have used the Liquid Crystals and my wisdom of them to create a transient Crystalline geometric Light body to help harness your experiences. Basically, this will give us more time and allow us to be more thorough. The only catch is you will need to have the artificial Lightbody set up before and/or during the 3 month period to continue to benefit from it over the coming year.
A single 3 drop dose will be enough to start your amazing Journey of Truth. The Liquid Crystals;- 2012 Crystalline Geo-memory Generator is now available on our site, check it out.

A note on 21/12/2012 Timing-  
I understand the Cosmic Ray that is to effect the earth directly for around 3 days, will be at its peak at 12:03 Mexico City Time 21/21/2012, this peak will last for around 7-8 minutes, it is the height of the change and the actual Doorway.

-The big question is, what time zone is the right one? There are two bodies of thought on this matter.

-The first is that the basis of measure where time and space is concerned comes from the Mayan Calendar, so all predictions related to time should abide by this regions time zone or birth place. As the Mayan Calendar is a measure of universal movement it is based on a planetary scale and thus I believe the most relevant. Mexico City Time is how I work things out with time, as I choose to identify with my immortal self rather than my humanness and I feel my consciousness abides by that law.

I believe that if we use this timing the height of the Cosmic Ray influence occurs at 5:03am – 5:11am 22/12/2012 Sydney Australia Time.

-The Second body of thought on this matter is that time is inside humankind and thus part of Consciousness. This means your form abides by the timing of your mortal Time Zone origin. If you are new to the 2012 concept, I recommend you use your local time zone. 12:03pm-12:1pm 21/12/2012.

-The Solution??? Take both seriously if you are meditating, I believe it depends on the depth of your learning and the level of mortal/immortal consciousness you hold sacred.

What can you do at this time?

-Write down all your feelings and move to forgiveness with all, including yourself. Release, Let go and be truthful

-Be truthful with yourself about whom you are and face all that is in your shadow. (That which you are hiding from yourself.)

-Educate yourself mentally and emotionally about who and what you are by externalizing it as best as you can.

-Make peace with your world and all around you.

-Open your Heart and Feel.

-Fill yourself with the Joy of knowing we are all One, and make effort to see every success in the Universe as shared, as are our illusions of burden.

-Know, you are immortal and will always be. Physicality is an illusion, a journey of Consciousness within which you are the captain of the ship. Know you make it what it is and if you will embrace Love and true feeling, the perceived disharmony of living a mortal life will fall away, leaving a world of Peace and Joy.

Justin Moikeha Asar. ( 1 0 0 1 1 0 )

The Liquid Crystals.

Extra Notes;-

The Merkaba

-The Merkabas’ wisdom of activity is housed at a point just above the human form referred to as the Soul Star. This convergence point or out of body chakra is just above the head and to keep it simple, is often called the higher self. It is a translation space for all vibrational activity from the Heart Charkra to the Crown Chakra.

The Merkaba can be activated by meditation and in my experience, simply by having the wisdom of its existence as a field around the body makes it swing into action. Its mastery is another matter, but we don’t all need that. Its language is Geometric, universal and Solar, and by you reading this it is activating around your body.

Pyrite- activates it and holds it in activation.

-The Octahedrons of Light

-The Octahedrons of lights’ wisdom of activity exists at a point just below the human form referred to as Earth Star. This convergence point or out of body chakra is just below the feet in the Earth and to keep it simple, is often called the lower self.  It is a translation space for all vibrational activity from the Heart Chakra to the Base Chakra.

The Octahedrons are activated by meditation and time spent in nature, but, like the Merkaba, having wisdom of there existence as a field around the body makes it swing into action. Its language is Vibrational and Lunar, and by you reading this it is activating around your body.
Hematite- activates it and holds it in activation.

Some Important Crystals that can help with coming days over the next 3 months are listed below;-

-Pyrite- Activates the Soul Star Chakra home of the Merkabas’ wisdom of activity and the Nature of Geometry.

-Hematite- Activates the Earth Star Chakra home of the Octahedrons of light wisdom of activity and the Nature of Vibration.

-Kyanite-Alignment and Balance.

-Lepidolite- Purity of Feeling.

-Sapphire- Spiritual Truth.

-Loadstone – Helps manages inbody electromagnetism and the mental/Emotional crossover. 

-Petrified Wood- Personal Record Access and assessment space of Earth lives. Your personal hall of records and master of time and space work.

-Selenite-Spiritual Translation stone, communication vessel.

-Diamond- Helps manage the Lightbodies and there level of activity.

-Hemimorphite- Aids the establishing of what is Ego and what is You.

-Obsidian- The Shadow Self Gate keeper, Representative of Minute One in the Doorway of the 21st of December. Gives realization of all that is not being addressed in processes. (TLC Skull Configuration)

-Elestial Quartz- The New World Gatekeeper, Representative of the final minute in the doorway of the 21st of December. Gives realization of all that is not being addressed in relationship to overly mental pathways of our old world. (TLC Skull Configuration)

-The whole TLC Crystal Skull Series was created with this time in Mind, check it all out. If something resonates, do it!