Taking a Liquid Crystal Trinity - A question answered by Justin Moikeha Asar

Taking a Liquid Crystal Trinity - A question answered by Justin Moikeha Asar

A question answered by Justin Moikeha Asar in another section of our page that may help other TLC Practitioners that haven't seen it.

"If one crystal of a trinity runs out on day 13, am I best to stop the course of crystals and wait 7 days, start again. Or to reprogramme another trinity and continue taking the course? Thankyou!"

"In most cases, we would make a repleacement bottle and continue the trinity until day 21.

But, occasionally when this happens, you may have discovered a crystal that is more important than the other two and may be more efficient on its own as obviously the body wants/needs more of that one crystal.

Often the order of the crystal helps with this desion.

  • Crystal one, opens the issue, begins the process, activates and opens realisation.
  • Crystal two, heals, cleanses, changes and integrates.
  • Crystal three, finalises, manifests new directions and/or lifts to a brighter place and new way.

Obliviously Crystal three is the one we want to run out of first, as it defines the process as complete and thus could then be taken as a single remedy to ensure even more permanent results.

If crystal two runs out first we are often deep in process and a replacement bottle and continuing the trinity is offten best.

If crystal one runs out first, we may be struggling to open to the process and three crystals might be too much, in which case, stopping the trinity and focusing on that one remedy can be very effective and lead to a more potent and direct shift.

Another way to know is healing is complete with a certain Crystal is to see how comfortable the patient is with the next crystal in the hierarchy as it represents your next step in life. An example would be if you finish a bottle of crystal 25 in the hierarchical order are you ready/comfortable to embrace the message of 24?"

(The current crystal hierarchy is on the Liquid Crystals Facebook Page in the Notes section.)