Introduction to the Cities of Atlantis for all Boxed TLC City Sets

Introduction to the Cities of Atlantis for all Boxed TLC City Sets

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\ Introduction.

As time wanders forward, as spiritual beings, we still our selves for the Future. Open to all experiences upon our path seeking fulfillment via the complete embrace of self, and our divine Birth right. This has not changed for many years Tribe after Tribe, Culture after Culture and Civilization after Civilization all seeking the ultimate prize of atonement with the supreme creator often shortened to the simple word God.

In our recognized history certain cultures have come closer than others, to the prize of completion. But if one dwells deep into the mysteries and occult information, most religions, countries and cultures share ancient stories, fables of even hieroglyphics that coincide; no story however is more common and wide spread than that of the Lost Civilization of Atlantis.

We have searched for Atlantis all over the planet and found very little. Many people have pressed their perceptions onto the world and they have been either accepted or dismissed. The truth is that on Earth, we do not yet have a Physical Mechanical tool that can find Atlantis. I have been lead to believe it exists all around us at a different frequency and it is not just one island, continent or place, it is all places. Atlantis was an ancient Intergalactic name for all the Land Masses on our Planet (Urantia).

The only way in the Universe that Atlantis can be embraced is through an enlightened spirit attuned to its frequency.  We are approaching the ancient Atlantian frequency again and soon all her history will be gifted back to us.

The Cities of Atlantis are the latest information I can share at this time, as we approach the Atlantian frequencies the gates to her ancient wisdom open wider and wider. The ancient Atlantian temples will so be reborn without the mistakes of times past. We are all here on earth to take the next step, the earth, her crystals and the people of earth will unite as one.

-A Note on Lemuria.

Lemuria was an ancient Intergalactic name for all the water covered surfaces of Earth. Lemuria was an Etheric existence that was as close to physicality as we were supposed to come. Lemuria existed within the Oceans of our planet as part of the divine plan. The Cubic Geometric Structure of the Salt Water not allowing us to think, manifest or create away from perfection. The Surface way was forbidden and it was understood that if one entered the world beyond the Sea they would never return.( The Little Mermaid) Eventually we left the sea and upon stepping on the land we could never return, Atlantis was born. We reenact this story of leaving the water every time a child is born and takes its first breath, one day we will return.


The Cities of Atlantis-Basic History.

Finding your Atlantian City in this Life and what it means.

Taking your TLC Atlantian Sacred City Set of Seven Crystals.

\ The Cities of Atlantis.

When a terrible mistake was made with genetic engineering and Ancient Atlantis was lost, it was a very advanced civilization both spiritually and technologically. The Atlantians were the closest any race in this universe has been to achieving complete self realization and allowing God to be recognized at the physical. At the heart of this highly aware existence was their embrace of the Earth and her minerals. The Mineral kingdom formed the base for medicine and all the sciences. The Crystals were gathered and reunited from all over the Earth and Liquid Crystals were made from them to represent their unified holistic bodies of light, open to the Master Devas, their Ancient Codes of Light (Symbols) and grant access to the master grids around the Earth.

In all Seventy Seven minerals, rocks and Crystals were chosen and worked with. Each mineral due to its geometries, color, origin, composition and formation process was able to provide a single important characteristic of the united oneness. Thus aiding movement towards the completion of self realization or Ascension as it is now called.

To empower growth and facilitate spiritual evolution the 77 were divided into sequences of seven dictated by the earth her self. Each seven was then housed in a City and the cities geometrically placed around the earth to take advantage of her higher grids. The sacred arrangement of the cities carried to earth a galactic (Sirian) principle we know as the Tree Of Life. The paths connecting the cities carried to earth the galactic seals, sacred healing and vision paths we know as the Tarot.

The Eleven resulting cities each contained 8 Temples, one for each of the seven crystals and a master temple dedicated to the mastery of the seven stone sequence, the sacred order. It was in the Eighth Temple, the peak of each city, that the still remembered High Priests and High Priestesses of Atlantis existed, with true mastery not just of that cities crystals but their sacred sequencing.

Each Atlantian being at 13 years of age was visited by a High Priest or High Priestess of a city whom would offer the child a home in their city if they had not already chosen one. The child could then choose to leave and enter the Paths of Mastery. The Cities were arranged in numerological order, the higher the city the closer to completion and higher your level of mastery. The ultimate was to work your way through all the cities embracing the 77 Geometric Light Codes that the crystals represent and Embrace the Earth in a single life; even at the fall of Atlantis this achievement was very rare. 


\ Finding your Atlantian City in this Life and what it means.

1) Finishing your Mission.

When Atlantis was lost many of us were actively mastering a set of seven Crystals within a city, we failed to complete that and this is the chance to finish that role. Many of us have come to earth to complete that mission over and over. The Crystals made it easy to get a lot done very fast in life. Seven principles could be concentrated upon and mastered with the assistance of the Earth her self, grounding the wisdoms into the body physically. It was this grounding effect that was so special in Atlantis. Imagine a person grounding and activating the 77 principles that the Planet they live on knows are necessary to find God in a single life.

2)Continuing the Mission.

The Liquid Crystals have returned and we can now recreate the ancient pathways of Atlantis and Embrace the Devic Kingdom and the Earth her self as a powerful well structured method of realization and the embrace of all that is. For all Lives we lead, the mission we are attempting to complete, will be found in one of the eleven Cities, offering a path of evolution our Ascension.

3) A powerful healing tool.

All disease process has a key spiritual lesson. To my knowledge the 77 Sacred Stones have the cure to all things within them as together they are the perfection of all things. The arrangement of them in sequences of seven empowers the lessons and makes the cure absolute.

4) The Desire to be of Service.

The Cities of Atlantis allow us to not only have a measure of spiritual attainment but can also indicate areas of mastery through which we can help others.

5)The Embrace of the Devic Kingdom.

 The Embrace of the Devic Kingdom via the Crystals anchors the Flame of Wisdom within the Three Fold Flame in the hearts of Humanity, balancing the excess Power and Love already available in the world via other modalities.

6) Become a High Priest or High Priestess.

There is in many beings on Earth at this time a desire to become or achieve something special but, they don’t know what that thing is, for many it is the position of completion of one or more cities of Atlantis, a High Priest or High Priestess.

7) Embrace Earth.

By working with the Crystal Cities in this way you are helping the Earth to evolve into Light, anchoring the Atlantian frequency back within her and us all.

\ Taking your Atlantian Sacred City Set of Seven Crystals.

-The Standard City Sequence.
The process is quite simple, now that you have the Liquid crystals and the above information.
Just simply take the correctly assigned liquid crystal on the right day, 7 drops morning and night, changing each day for a period of 21 days.

After 21 days it is good to have a break for at least seven days to integrate, and then you can start again.

-Becoming a Priest or Priestess of a City.

During the Seven Day break, the geometric sequence of the seven stones becomes one and you may be offered initiation into the Temple for that City.

 At that stage you are often asked by the Devic to select one of the Crystals in the Sequence to specialize in that will make you a Priest or Priestess.

A High Priest or High Priestess is one whom has completed the above with all the Seven Crystals in a City and Mastered there combinations. Welcome to Atlantis.

-The Three Drop Dose.

During the 21 Day Cycle, three drop doses can be taken as needed on the correct days for a potent short term experience.

-Other Dosing.

The Liquid Crystals in your set may be taken as separate Crystals in any order, but will be most potent over the 21 Day sequence program as stated above. If you wish to take the crystals individually the standard Liquid Crystal Dosing applies;-

7 Drops early morning and 7 Drops last thing at night as well as Three drops as often as you feel necessary.


\ To enhance the process you may also wish to do the below, these are not essential; -

  • Before meditation or Spiritual work take 3 drops of liquid crystal, this acts as a little, push and will help in alignment, Balance and Healing.
  • Utilize the correct Scent for the day, Burn incense or wear the correct Essential Oil for each crystal as found on the crystals information sheet.
  • Wear something or burn candles of the corresponding Crystal Color on each day.
  • Call in by name and ask to align with the correct Deva for the Liquid Crystal you are taking each day. 

Other Big Questions;-

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All information in Strictly Copyrighted to TLC- Justin Moikeha Asar 2013.