Introduction to The Cities of Atlantis

As time wanders forward, as spiritual beings, we still our selves for the Future. Open to all experiences upon our path seeking fulfillment via the complete embrace of self, and our divine Birth right. This has not changed for many years Tribe after Tribe, Culture after Culture and Civilization after Civilization all seeking the ultimate prize of atonement with the supreme creator often shortened to the simple word God.

In our recognized history certain cultures have come closer than others, to the prize of completion. But if one dwells deep into the mysteries and occult information, most religions, countries and cultures share ancient stories, fables of even hieroglyphics that coincide; no story however is more common and wide spread than that of the Lost Civilization of Atlantis.

We have searched for Atlantis all over the planet and found very little. Many people have pressed their perceptions onto the world and they have been either accepted or dismissed. The truth is that on Earth, we do not yet have a Physical Mechanical tool that can find Atlantis. I have been lead to believe it exists all around us at a different frequency and it is not just one island, continent or place, it is all places. Atlantis was an ancient Intergalactic name for all the Land Masses on our Planet (Urantia).

The only way in the Universe that Atlantis can be embraced is through an enlightened spirit attuned to its frequency. We are approaching the ancient Atlantian frequency again and soon all her history will be gifted back to us.

The Cities of Atlantis are the latest information I can share at this time, as we approach the Atlantian frequencies the gates to her ancient wisdom open wider and wider. The ancient Atlantian temples will so be reborn without the mistakes of times past. We are all here on earth to take the next step, the earth, her crystals and the people of earth will unite as one.

A Note on Lemuria:

Lemuria was an ancient Intergalactic name for all the water covered surfaces of Earth. Lemuria was an Etheric existence that was as close to physicality as we were supposed to come. Lemuria existed within the Oceans of our planet as part of the divine plan. The Cubic Geometric Structure of the Salt Water not allowing us to think, manifest or create away from perfection. The Surface way was forbidden and it was understood that if one entered the world beyond the Sea they would never return.( The Little Mermaid) Eventually we left the sea and upon stepping on the land we could never return, Atlantis was born. We reenact this story of leaving the water every time a child is born and takes its first breath, one day we will return.

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