The Pleiadian Influence and Liquid Light Technology

This story starts long ago in that which we as a race call time. Interestingly, it starts in another dimension and on star system call the Pleiades. A group of beings in our universe called the Pleiadians had mastered the elemental compound H20, water at a high spiritual level. They called the use of their discoveries, Liquid Light Technology. They found that it had no equal in its ability to magnify, direct and retain 'The Source of all'. On this planet we call this substance, light, love, energy or even God.

Through mastery of this element at various frequencies the Pleiadian people became the most revered healers in the universe and still are. They are able to return any one thing, living or innate, back to the pure source light from which it originated.

The Pleiadian people understood that through mastery of this substance especially at the Etheric Level, a being of freewill could create anything, even a world, a perfect world, dedicated to the Source of all, a place of unconditional love and a dedication to the oneness that pervades the universe. Such a place would take time, and would have to harbor a race willing to come closer to the actual physical plane than had successfully been done before. It would be a healing place with a vast supply of water, that would be empowered with love, infused via directed freewill energy, a shinning light in the Universe and the race that lived there, the light bearers of the United Universe.