Your Atlantian City in this Life and what it means

1. Finishing your Mission.

When Atlantis was lost many of us were actively mastering a set of seven Crystals within a city, we failed to complete that and this is the chance to finish that role. Many of us have come to earth to complete that mission over and over. The approch of the Ancient Atlantian frequencies again on Earth, means that we have come full circle and we are on earth to complete the mastery that was not finished in Atlantis.The Crystals made it easy to get a lot done very fast in life. Seven principles could be concentrated upon and mastered with the assistance of the Earth her self, grounding the wisdoms into the body physically. It was this grounding effect that was so special in Atlantis. Imagine a person grounding and activating the 77 principles that the Planet they live on knows are necessary to find God in a single life.

2. Continuing the Mission.

The Liquid Crystals have returned and we can now recreate the ancient pathways of Atlantis and Embrace the Devic Kingdom and the Earth her self as a powerful well structured method of realization and the embrace of all that is. For all Lives we lead, the mission we are attempting to complete, will be found in one of the eleven Cities, offering a path of evolution our Ascension.

3. A powerful healing tool.

All disease process has a key spiritual lesson. To my knowledge the 77 Sacred Stones have the cure to all things within them as together they are the perfection of all things. The arrangement of them in sequences of seven empowers the lessons and makes the cure absolute.

4. The Desire to be of Service.

The Cities of Atlantis allow us to not only have a measure of spiritual attainment but can also indicate areas of mastery through which we can help others.

5. The Embrace of the Devic Kingdom.

The Embrace of the Devic Kingdom via the Crystals anchors the Flame of Wisdom within the Three Fold Flame in the hearts of Humanity, balancing the excess Power and Love already available in the world via other modalities.

6. Become a High Priest or High Priestess.

There is in many beings on Earth at this time a desire to become or achieve something special but, they don’t know what that thing is, for many it is the position of completion of one or more cities of Atlantis, a High Priest or High Priestess. This shows a specialised mastery of one or many attributes of Human Life.

7. Embrace Earth.

By working with the Crystal Cities in this way you are helping the Earth to evolve into Light, anchoring the Atlantian frequency back within her and us all.