Unconditional Love, Reality, Illusion, Time, Space and God?

By our own choice, in today's world, we are bound, by Time and Space, which means that all that we experience and accept as a race, must pass through that Lens. If we embrace time and space, every moment is transient, time moves in one direction, can never be stopped and only one space is able to be filled by one person at one time.

Everything is weighed, measured and judged. This rule applies to even the most glorious of creations, emotions and thoughts. We taint them, with our individual earth bound perceptions, a simple action, which for us defines our reality.

The accepted normal and your reality is whatever the majority or the balance of power dictates, which is supposedly some kind of shared perception. But as just recognized, no two humans incarnate, can share the exact space on earth or in time, so cannot possibly see, hear or feel any one thing identically, this means that reality by its own definition is an illusion. Reality can only exist if we think, feel and hear as one at once.

Is it possible that there is another way? If so, to find it, we must take away the things that are individually ours, the perceptions. These are simple judgments perceived from experiences by the physical senses that we depend upon in this world. Once removed, we discover the simplistic nature of the universe prior to human perception, an emptiness, a place without the pains, complexities and the fears of being human. This place is pervaded by a powerful potential and temptation to create, but can best be described as a place of Oneness, Unconditional Love, or even the human word, God.

To play here all that is defined as human and all that is defined as spiritual in this so called reality, must cancel itself out in the one vessel. This lifts us from the limitation of Time and Space, removes the duality of human consciousness and allows identification of self as unlimited oneness and the Source of all creation.

The test may be, to not create all we desire. But when we do, mastery of the human journey is close at hand. For we must simply remember the way home, which is through destroying our self manifested complexities. Perhaps the physical body is the illusion and spirit is the reality and you are nothing more than a spiritual being of oneness and love on a journey of physicality, freewill and separation, seeking to complete the journey so all may benefit from the balance of your Wisdom, Power and Boundless Love.