The Three Kingdoms of Earth and Three fold flame, Love, Power and Wisdom

Here on Earth we have three evolving kingdoms, all three are moving toward completion and interact with each other constantly, they are the Human, Devic and Angelic. Each of these kingdoms, holds complete mastery in one of the three aspects or breaths of the supreme creator, which are Love Power and Wisdom.

The three aspects of the Creator are found within all living things, within the heart and in unified glory are called the The Three Fold Flame. The Three Fold Flame is a means of locating balance and ultimately the true self, so as to return to our glory as pure Unconditional Love in Oneness.

In the Human Kingdom we are striving to find completion, at which time we become Ascended Masters, we are the keepers of The flame of Love.

In the Devic Kingdom elementals are evolving into Devas and ultimately into Elohim, they are the keepers of the Flame of Wisdom.

In the Angelic kingdom, Angels are evolving into Arch Angels and are the keepers of the Flame of Power.

By interacting with each other we all facilitate growth, everybody gains. The Devic Kingdom has been the most forgotten of the three, given a bad name through religion. The Devic Kingdom is now lifting itself into human perception as we must embrace our Wisdom. The Liquid Crystals are the most active doorway into the Devic on earth at this time and were recreated to serve that purpose.