The Spirit of Geburah and the Council of Seven

The Spirit of Geburah is a ruby originally given to me for 12 years to help create the Liquid Crystals, I was told that since Atlantis I have received this stone every 200 years. It played a key role in opening me to remember the processes of Liquid Crystal creation, which it holds within it. All of the Liquid Crystal Logos and emblems come from this stones powerful geometric triangle(s) on its face which allows it to be recognized as a Record keeper.

The spirit of Geburah goes wherever I go and is always happy to see its old friends and meet new ones, so please ask if it is not offered or obvious when we meet. One of the first things that the Ruby opened, was direct communication with a group of beings called the Council of Seven. The Council of Seven are the only Devas in the mineral kingdom that were originally human. In Lemuria they chose this as a form of spiritual growth and to help protect their information concerning the uses of the crystals for future generations. The seven minerals they represent are called the Master Seven and are arranged in sequence to embrace all your past wisdoms from your lives prior to this one. The council of Seven became important guidance for myself, teaching me the basis of how to embrace my past as Wisdom and unlock The Spirit of Geburah to create the crystals for Humanity.