The Sacred Cities of Atlantis

When a terrible mistake was made with genetic engineering and Ancient Atlantis was lost, it was a very advanced civilization both spiritually and technologically. The Atlantians were the closest any race in this universe has been to achieving complete self realization and allowing God to be recognized at the physical. At the heart of this highly aware existence was their embrace of the Earth and her minerals. The Mineral kingdom formed the base for medicine and all the sciences. The Crystals were gathered and reunited from all over the Earth (Clear Quartz 16, 854 single pieces) and Liquid Crystals were made from them to represent their unified holistic bodies of light, open to the Master Devas, their Ancient Codes of Light (Symbols) and grant access to the master grids around the Earth.

In all Seventy Seven minerals, rocks and Crystals were chosen and worked with. Each mineral due to its geometries, color, origin, composition and formation process was able to provide a single important characteristic of the united oneness. Thus aiding movement towards the completion of self realization or Ascension as it is now called.

To empower growth and facilitate spiritual evolution the 77 were divided into sequences of seven dictated by the earth her self. Each seven was then housed in a City and the cities geometrically placed around the earth to take advantage of her higher grids. The sacred arrangement of the cities carried to earth a galactic (Sirian) principle we know as the Tree Of Life. The paths connecting the cities carried to earth the galactic seals, sacred healing and vision paths we know as the Tarot.

The Eleven resulting cities each contained 8 Temples, one for each of the seven crystals and a master temple dedicated to the mastery of the seven stone sequence, the sacred order. It was in the Eighth Temple, the peak of each city, that the still remembered High Priests and High Priestesses of Atlantis existed, with true mastery not just of that cities crystals but their sacred sequencing.

Each Atlantian being at 13 years of age was visited by a High Priest or High Priestess of a city whom would offer the child a home in their city if they had not already chosen one. The child could then choose to leave and enter the Paths of Mastery. The Cities were arranged in numerological order, the higher the city the closer to completion and higher your level of mastery. The ultimate was to work your way through all the cities embracing the 77 Geometric Light Codes that the crystals represent and Embrace the Earth in a single life; even at the fall of Atlantis this achievement was very rare.