The Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis

There was in Atlantis, a group of beings dedicated to the old Lemurian ways and principles. This group is commonly called now the High Priesthood. As new minerals were found and discovered they were made into new Liquid Crystals, building the supply waiting for the technology to run out so all could return to the old ways. Members of the High Priesthood of Atlantis at this time evolved to a level spiritually that had never been seen in the Universe. Their high water content physically and embrace of the three virtues of 'The Source of all', Love , Power and Wisdom, made them truly gods on earth. They built temples and ten circular walled cities in the image of Lemuria that they remembered. Each city was a center of learning in which a being would learn set principles of life and Spirituality. If completion was achieved, one could attempt to move from one city to the next.

The Liquid Crystals formed the basis of a powerful system of healing and spiritual growth that was remembered from Lemuria, a natural form of healing that was also used as a catalyst of learning in the cities. The High priesthood saw the Liquid Crystals as a way of stopping the destruction of our planet via mining and as a natural alternative to technology based cure. The Scientific community saw their technology as a better way, which it was, if you were fearful of death.

The Atlantian people via the High Priesthoods organized structure, for a long time, were the most spiritually aware race the universe had ever experienced; they were doing the impossible, living a physical life whilst retaining the understanding of their spiritual heritage completely.