The People and Abominations of Atlantis

The People of Atlantis that remained alive at the day of fire, entered onto the wheel of rebirth and can still be found on earth today, often wearing the scars of that time still within them. Many of The High Council, the Priests and Priestesses, fled before the foreseen destruction to other areas of Earth to help anchor the Atlantian Natural ways back into civilization. Most however simply awaited the destruction with trust in the cycle of rebirth. The Genetically modified beings found themselves in a spiritual void at the fall of Atlantis. Being not of the Laws of Nature they were unable to re-enter the natural cycles of life and death. They became trapped at a set frequency, a place not quite physical and not quite spiritual, a kind of between space, until the destruction of their creation had been surpassed by a new race on Earth. They are still waiting, but they do make up good percentage of our mythology and the foundation of many of the Deities around the world. By far the main place we find these beings is in the ancient realm of Egypt, where they have become the Gods and Goddesses, even retaining their real features as part animal and human. These beings even in the ancient Egyptian context still represent the same areas of society as they did in Atlantis. These Half human, half Animal creatures may to many, seem unusual to hold as gods and goddesses, but the fact that most stood 13-14Ft high and they now reside close to the physical and close to spirit makes them the perfect bridge. Still to this day the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt are the most easily contactable of Deities, available in a tangible manner even to the most devoted skeptic.