The fall of Lemuria

The Lemurian people began to identify with the Source directly, there was a hidden desire to enter physicality which was the only place where the absolute had not been completely mastered. To link to the Earth, seven key stones were used, they were, Gold, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Clear Quartz, Emerald and Lapis Lazuli. It was then recognized that those that had been linked to different minerals, began to master different aspects of the 'Source of all'. Those whose physical bodies were Ruby's in the Earth, were more direct and seemed in some ways more powerful, those of Sapphire had what seemed to be a better hold of The Truth. It was decided by some to swap bodies. This was soon to prove the demise of Lemuria, as with choice at that level, comes Judgment and with that, comes the inevitable separation and desire for ownership.

In Lemuria there was no disease, the most drastic of delusions, being a lack in integrity and alignment to your physical body or Earth Light as it was called, which was a Crystal. In Lemuria this was healed via The Liquid Crystals, at which time, there were only seven; Gold, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Clear Quartz, Emerald and Lapis Lazuli. These Seven liquids cured all that was disease in Lemuria, they were known as the Seven Masters or Master Seven. These were a blend of Pleiadian Liquid Light technology, infused with sacred sequences of geometry provided by the Earth. They were created by a priesthood of sorts, that had been chosen to infuse the Liquid Light Technologies of the Pleiadians into society. These seven cures were the only medicine available and needed, but that was about to change.

Soon Lemurian beings started, by freewill, to take up ownership of the crystals, but that came with an unseen price. As the first Lemurian reached into the earth and took up ownership of a crystal, a new reality was born, physicality. As ownership of a crystal locks out anyone else working with that stone, the demand for crystals grew and grew, soon it was beyond supply. There were no physical bodies left, and thus the Lemurian race started its decent into the physical. To the Lemurians all that was physical up to that point was the Crystals, nothing else existed, but now there was much more, a whole planet.

Through the need as an etheric form to have an anchor in the universe, the Lemurian race descended into the physical whilst trying to hold on to their etheric existence, it was a very confusing time and a one way ticket, for once in the physical, you had to master it or spend your life in a constant transition between it and the Etheric. Those that succeeded in the transition into physicality built the foundations of Atlantis, but many were lost to the new and varied disease processes that earth was sending forth to curb the trend into the physical. Soon the very basis of Lemurian life would be lost, once 57% of Lemurians had entered the physical. After communication with the Pleiadians, the Earth had to release Lemuria to the universe, she lifted her anchor points and all that were still there were lost, many were rescued by the Galactic Light Command and the Pleiadians, some still remain missing, only identifiable in the oneness to which they are part.