The Devic Kingdom

The Kingdom of inner Earth is set up much the same as the human kingdom, a hierarchy of beings based on service and spiritual attainment. The members of the Devic kingdom are the keepers of The Flame of wisdom for our planet, the human kingdom the keepers of the flame of Love and the Angelic kingdom the keepers of the flame of Power.

In the Devic kingdom, the least evolved forms are the Elementals, they correspond to the elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The elementals are better known as, Gnomes, Fairies, Slyiths and Nymphs.

Based on their level of wisdom they increase in what we call size. So the Queen of the Fairies for example is about 4ft -5ft tall, whilst a basic elemental is only ½ ft tall. The highest most wise of the Devic Kingdom are the Elohim. These are governing Devas that rule an entire category, for example there is an Elohim of the Entire Mineral Kingdom, one for each element and one for each of the Seven main rays of Creation. These beings are large beings in the human idea of space standing hundreds of feet tall. Between the elementals and the Elohim we find the Devas, these are separated into three main categories, Sub-Devas, General Devas and Master Devas also called Divine creators.

An example of the way this works would be with a vast mineral like Clear Quartz, there is a Sub-Deva for quartz representing Victoria Australia, a General Quartz Deva representing Australian Quartz and a Master Quartz Deva representing all Quartz on this Planet. To communicate with Sub-Divas is as simple as sitting, meditating or tuning into a single physical stone. To experience a General Deva one would have to have access to a Crystal from each area of Australia, this would allow all the Sub-Devic to be present as a unified whole giving rise to the general Diva. To experience a Master Deva one must have a crystal from each area of the planet where it is found all in the one location. This opens and activates the Unified Crystal Grid around the planet, bringing all the Sub devas and General Devas into oneness.

In ancient Lemuria to contact the Master Devas was easy, as we were an etheric energy based existence that was plugged into the master grids, but at the fall into physicality we lost that ability. Not since Atlantis has someone reunited the 77 key minerals of earth. The Liquid Crystals have achieved this and in doing so have reopened the true voice of the mineral kingdom, The Master Devic. The Liquid Crystals are connections to these Divine beings and the only source of their energies united into oneness on Earth.