The Destruction of Atlantis

Due to the success with Thothma, many others followed some worked out and others did not, but these genetically modified beings over the course of three earth years became quite common in Atlantis. But the Earth was now at breaking point, unable to match the level of physicality that the modified beings had within them, she was in effect less physical than the things that walked upon her. She was being separated from her spirit by their grounding, her efforts to wipe out the modified race with nature had failed so it was decided Atlantis would have to be destroyed. The Creation of a race of beings that broke all the Natural Laws in the universe by a natural earth born process was too much, they were more physical than she, meaning, she was unable to generate a physical vibration large enough to ground her spirit. As her vibration went from physical to spiritual she had to save herself. In a final display of Love and raw physical power she utilized the new races frequency against them, Atlantis and all that had interacted with it was swallowed, drowned in a sea of Fire.