The Changing of a Race, Genetic Manipulation and Atlantis

As technology increased and healing progressed, so did disease. The earth tried to hold the balance, but was struggling she was just too young to support a race like the Atlantians, it was getting to breaking point. The step that the Lemurians took from etheric to physical was never part of the original plan; the Earth had not been prepared to that level. It was about this time that the Atlantian High Council or Priesthood were infiltrated by a separate group with a hidden agenda, one linked heavily in technology. This group had an idea that they called , 'the ultimate project'. They would halt the tendency for Earths continued creation of new disease and make the Human Blueprint more versatile and resilient. In short they believed, why make a new cure or master a new healing system when you could just make a new human. This same group understood that the Earths continued manifestation of disease was a mechanism of balance, she was doing it as a way of holding physical control and Grounding of her Spiritual component. They thought that if man was more physical, closer to the Earth, then she would be more balanced. They failed to see that where there is strong grounding there is bigger potential for light, the consequences would be devastating, they were at play, interfering in the natural laws of creation. They decided after looking into the records of civilizations that the human genetic material would be blended with that of animals, especially Birds, reptiles and Cats. A man (Noah) was chosen to travel far and wide, collecting animals, a breeding pair of each and then return to the capital. The Journey took 8 years, in which time the other beings involved had perfected, via the Liquid Crystals, a way of blending human and animal DNA, a powerful dance of the 13 strands to the sounds of Sacred Geometrics. At the heart of this process were the 77 Liquid Crystals, the only way that the necessary geometric forms could be suspended in a liquid with integrity. The Crystals, a natural alchemic healing form that obeyed all the laws of nature, was to be used in a technologic manner to perform god like acts far from natural and breaking all the natural laws.

After several successful attempts and many horrific failures, it was decided that the process was as safe as it could get and the time was right to test it on a Human being. A man by the name of Thothma who was revered for his innate wisdom and memories of earlier lives on Nibiru as part of the Carian Race was nominated. He had been a bird before why not again? (Good scientific thought, the best idea at the time.) Thothma was to be blended with the Ibis. The experiment went ahead and was an amazing success, even the High Council recognized the feat. Thothma became King of Atlantis for the second time a position he had been in early in his life. For a couple of years, he ruled with a great wisdom that was beyond all others before him. His bird DNA allowed him to hold a much more refined component of light, this was due to it providing an unnatural high level of physical grounding. At this time Thothma embraced the highest level of 'The Source of all' of any being that had entered physicality in the universes. To Thothma the call of spirit was too much, he crossed into light as soon as he knew how to master time and space, freeing himself from the ties that his genetic manipulation put him in. In spirit he became the key guiding light to future human civilization.