The Birth of Lemuria, Light of the Universe

A planet rich in Water was purified and prepared for a race of beings that would be like no other. They would hold within them, the three aspects of 'The Source of all', they would be made in that pure image, with a means to locate and find balance within themselves as that source. It was decided that due to past failures, this race would not go into complete physicality, but remain as an etheric existence, which had also never been successful, but was a step closer to the ultimate achievement, physicality as the Source.

The Lemurian Race was born, etheric beings birthed through a divine breath, held in integrity by the high level of energetic water contained in their make up.

To hold these beings on Earth as etheric forms, anchor points were needed. The planets most refined geometric principles were the obvious choice, her crystals. The Crystals of earth became the anchor points for Lemurian beings, in some ways functioning as Physical bodies.

In the universe Lemuria and the planet Earth was seen as a work of art, complete in every way, spirits aligned with 'The source of All' but in Etheric form with links to the Physical. Lemuria existed this way for thousands of years, the light of the universe, The Garden of Eden.