The Birth of Atlantis

The new world would become known as Atlantis.

The now physical Lemurians, wanted to recreate Lemuria in the physical world, but they were now physical and had a whole new set of worries and issues, such as disease, in new and varied forms, that would require new crystals and minerals to heal. This sparked a technological movement in the Healing arts and Mining abilities. These two things were believed to be crucial to their survival.

Pressure to cure the new and varied diseases, which were and still are, earth's way of holding balance, lead to the development of technological rather than natural cure. To retain balance the planet would send forth a new disease and it would be cured, this happened again and again, faster and faster. The people of Atlantis with their understanding of spirit and physicality were holding such a vibration that, to hold them on earth disease was necessary. The more technologically advanced they got, the bigger the diseases to hold balance. This way a constant struggle that the Atlantian scientists seemed to be winning for sometime.