The Atlantian Cycle

The Atlantian Cycle is a repeating pattern of earths attempt to evolve and ascend. To do this we must go with her, so Earth gradually lifts her most potent energy forms to the surface to aid us. The Raising of the minerals takes thousands and thousands of Years and at every attempt she manifests new and varied forms based on the past failures of humanity. This raising of Minerals is in fact the Atlantian Cycle and it is due to reach its next climax by the universal basis of Time in the Year 2012 . On Earth the level of technology and the dependence on it is reaching breaking point. Earth like in ancient Atlantis is struggling to find balance. The only way forward is with wisdom and a new acceptance of the natural laws of Life, choosing to live in harmony and via a natural Wisdom of the Ways and tools of our planet, doing this we will ascend into a better way of life.

At the end of each Atlantian cycle the Earth expects us to evolve as a race and through the acceptance of her assistance, the creation and surfacing of the minerals. That which we receive from the Earth we have asked for in one way or another. She listens ever vigilant to all that takes place on her body.

Most new stones that we receive from the Earth are a combination of those that we have used for many years. But we as a race have forgotten that in crystal healing it is not the crystals that are placed on the body together or on their own that have the biggest effect, but the sequences of stones, the way that they follow or precede each other. Over years of working with crystals in healing I have noticed that placing one stone onto the body after or before another creates a completely different effect. If the same two stones are placed on the body together they do something else and if used individually the result is different again. So two Crystals can have 5 different effects, these effects are due to the altering of the sequencing of energetic geometrics emitted from the stones. With the Atlantian Cycle the thing that concerns us most, is the stones that follow each other, as when this occurs, they give rise to an energetic substance not available on earth, an energetic Crystal. This energetic crystal if used enough on earth in an Atlantian Cycle period will become a single physical stone, that will contain the geometric sequencing of both stones in a single encoding as a Physical body. In the next Atlantian cycle, the new stones that Earth will offer to us will be more holistic and are only available now on earth in sequences of three or more current stones in the correct order. Via the Liquid Crystals, as we are working with the overseeing energies of the master Devas, a refined holistic geometric sequence not available since Atlantis, what we do is very closely watched by the earth.

The Liquid Crystal Chakra Trinity Crystals are an example of this, they are the most important stones of the Seven key in-body chakras at this time on Earth. She will see that and respond. In the next Atlantian cycle we will have a single stone that will do what all three do at this moment on earth. At the Heart for example, a single stone that will do what Kunzite, Rose Quartz and Pink Tourmaline do in that sequence, it will most probably also be a Blue stone with orange inclusions.

With the liquid crystals, by applying the trinity dosing method, (taking the crystals in order alternating each day over 21 days then resting for 7 days) for the last 7 days you will experience that other crystal in energetic form, which will have a more profound effect than any single stone on earth at this time and is not available any other way.

The other Liquid crystal Sequence based remedies that are linked strongly to the Atlantian cycle are the 13 combination remedies, The Master Seven Crystal set and The Lord of Time Trinity. The Liquid Crystal Combination remedies are formulated from seven stone sequences to treat the 13 seeds of all suffering here on Earth. The Master Seven give rise over 21 days, to a single Crystal that links past wisdoms into the conscious self for positive use now. The Lord of Time Trinity is a powerful link into ones records to clarify future focus, break down the duality state and free one from the limitation of time.