Reuniting the Crystals

By far one of the biggest tasks in the creation of the Liquid Crystals was what I call the Reuniting of the Crystals. This is where mineral specimen's were activated and acquired from all the areas of the world where that particular mineral is found, which sometimes meant thousands of pieces and all brought together into oneness. Once the collection was completed and activated it opened doorways that had not been opened since Atlantis. To protect us from ourselves, the Earth separated the Master Devas into Sub-Devic beings and spread her crystals all around her body, making the exact frequency of each mineral hidden.

With the crystals reunited, the Master or over-lighting Deva of the mineral utilized the frequency as a doorway and contacted me, offered their Sound(Name) and Ancient Symbol to be used as a future doorway and activation for that minerals Master Crystalline Grid, which was later activated.