Our living Planet - Is our Planet alive?

About Eighty percent of our planets crust is silicon based compounds, making our planets surface almost pure Crystal up to 46 miles deep, so, we live on a huge crystal ball floating through space, that is over 7000 miles in diameter, a massive Silicon based life form called Urantia by those not of earth and Gaia by us.

She is alive and perhaps with the computer age upon us we are learning how to communicate with her. At this stage it seems that part of our evolution as a species is dependent on our ability to open the pathways between silicon and carbon based life forms, a mathematical language that perhaps when infused with human freewill and emotion gives rise to geometric form and is the basis of all that is.

Computers run on silicon chips that are made by melting down Zircon, a crystal whose simple purpose with humanity is the Embrace of Life changes.