Nibiru and the creation of a race for planet Urantia, Earth

The Pleiadians traveled to a planet where three races existed. Each of the three races held within them physically, one of the three great virtues of the 'Source of all', love, power and Wisdom. Their existence was a step for the source of all into physicality that had gone wrong, due to the unperceived desire to separate and be individual. These beings were at war with each other due to the dependence on each other to hold balance and unite into light. The dependence created separation via Judgment. They had forgotten their purpose which was, to unite, carrying the physically perfected virtues of 'The Source of all' back to oneness. This planet was called Nibiru and has been described as our sister planet in the universe.

The races that lived there were not humanoid, they were, a Feline race, Reptilian race and a Bird or Carian race. The Felines were the protectors of the flame of love, the Reptilians the keepers of the flame of Power and the Carians the keepers of the flame of Wisdom. The planet upon which they lived was also a living being and so wished to evolve back to the source. It held with in it the same three virtues, love, power and wisdom, but in unity as a guiding light, to the beings that walked upon her back. Surely as these beings identified the balance within their planet, they would choose to unite, but they didn't they went the other way, seeing the individual virtues as points of difference manifesting judgment and war. A decision was made by the Pleiadians, they would extract, using Liquid Light technology, the key aspects of the three races and recreate a single race of beings that carried all three virtues with in them, as would all life on the planet they would eventually etherically live on.

It was from this that the Blue Print of the human Race was manifested.