My Journey to the Liquid Crystals

The Liquid Crystals started as a Vision in 1985, where in meditation, I was shown a bowl of liquid that cured the sick. I inquired after it and with the answer, 'Liquid Crystal', entered on an unforeseen journey that would become somewhat of a life work. I had collected stones and Crystals all my life and now it was to make some sense. Every step, from there on, was within loving hands of guidance that spoke to me, gently brushed my shoulders and encouraged my Journey.

I made essences and elixirs from the mineral kingdom by every method that I came across in attempt to recreate the liquid that I had experienced in the vision, but they never were the same as the physical crystal, which was always better. Deep inside, the only guidance was, when the liquid crystal is recreated truly, there would be no difference between it and the physical stone, it would be more holistic, empowered and contain no human intervention or any of the actual physical substance.

Many teachers, modalities and lessons on, I recognized that the missing piece to the puzzle was not going to make itself known to me until I was ready. I studied healing at all its levels, Physical to Spiritual. Over the years integrating Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Shamanism, Flower Remedies, Essential Oils, Crystal Healing, Energetic healing, many body work therapies, Sacred Geometry, Theosophy, Religion and even Orthodox medicine for several years, all placed on my original firm base of High Magic, the Druid principles and ancient Hawaiian spirituality.

Then, in the year 2000 out of no-where, I was to receive the missing link, from a Tibetan monk. A Ruby wrapped in two layers of silk the first Black and the second Red. He told me not to open it until asked, and that I had waited along time to hold this stone again and that it contained what I was looking for. He also told me that the Ruby would have to be returned to its home in Tibet in 12 years time for future purposes (2012) …(unless its message was made known to the world).

The Ruby is a Record Keeper, one of a set of Ten important physical stones that formed the basis of an entire civilization long ago, through time it has been known as, 'The light of Courage' or 'Spirit of Geburah'. Within it are many of the ideas and foundations of an ancient time on our planet, only referred to in modern times as Lemuria and Atlantis. It was through this single stone that the pathways of the liquid Crystals opened. She has reminded me over our shared years, much about who I am and how to recreate the liquid crystals in a way that would serve not just modern humanity, but the earth herself. After all the attempts and many failures ending in important lessons, the Liquid Crystals were reborn for our new world, enjoy them, we have waited a long time.