Isis and Osiris

Towards the end of Atlantis, the High Council that had been strictly against the genetic work turned around. In a last desperate attempt to save all that was Atlantis for the future. The plan was, to genetically create one male and one female; these beings would contain no animal DNA, but would be a blend of the greatest men and women in Atlantis. A blend of the key Icons of the 10 spheres of Atlantian nature, they would become the rulers of the hidden, 11th sphere ensuring that the spirit of Atlantis's hidden teaching would stand the test of time.

28 beings from each circular Atlantian city, 14 men and 14 women, would be blended into the High Priest and Priestess of the first City. These 14 beings were the High Priest and Priestess of each circular city and the principle figures of each of the 13 pathways or attainments of each city. Two being would be created, a man from 144 men and a women from 144 women. These beings would be known as Asar and Aset, later Osiris and Isis, their legend lives on today.

The Atlantian High Councils plan worked, before the fall, Asar and Aset both ascended into light and unlike the other abominations, through agreements of service, entered into the wheel of rebirth to carry the seed of Atlantis back to the people of earth when they are ready. This was possible as they were wholly humanoid just holding an extra strand of activated DNA within them. Through the universal geometric language of light, they were not un-natural, just the next step in evolution.

Osiris and Isis were revered in ancient Egypt, Isis as the key Feminine figure and Osiris the Masculine. They are both incarnate on earth at this time, Osiris is here as a single Man and Isis as 144 women, that will be drawn together into oneness, at which time her spirit will be reconstituted and a child born, that will be her. Through time and space, to reenter the world in completion, Isis walked a feminine to path of Trust and knowing, Osiris the Path of Structure and mastery.