Help With Understanding the Detailed Life Path Results

(Clicking the ‘Detailed Life’ path Tab under your Current city Emblem will open up a Tree of Life diagram and a Table.) - This area is more for trained advanced TLC Practitioners, however with a little patience, it is quite easy to understand so the below is a taste.

The Table

a) The ‘Your Age’ column obviously is your age.

b)The ‘Atlantian City’ column is the active city at those years of your life.

c)The ‘Past Life Experience’ column is just that, a measure of how much you have experienced the lessons of this area of Consciousness in the past. You will notice it is Fraction, for example, 2/8 or 1/7. The First number is your wisdom number. The higher it is, the greater your experience in this area and less time you will need there in this life. The second number is what we call your measure or frequency. The City where these are equal (Eg. 7/7) is called your Gift City as you are very experienced here and it is your souls true strength.

d) The ‘Years Spent’ Column is the number of years that you have actively been working in this area of Consciousness in your current lifetime.

e) Every City in the table is clickable and displays more information above as per your Current City. This allows you to explore the different crystals of the many areas and times of your amazing life so far. Clever use of this, opens the day to day understanding of what was influencing you at set times in your life. We know which Crystal you were being influenced by 15 years ago when something happened. Often this is the Key to healing ailments, issues and discovering the all-important cause of an illness.

The Cities of Atlantis Diagram (Tree of Life)

a) The Zig Zag line on here is the path up the tree, which is done as a cycle, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7,---1, then repeat 11... (Note;-11 is not really on the tree, but sits up off it.

b) The Spheres are the Cities and are numbered as such.

c) A red ‘*’ indicates a place of many lessons and hard work in this life due to less time at that level of consciousness in other lives.

d) In Green type you will see your Birth City, this is the place of your birth in the Atlantian Way at the beginning of this life at 0 years old.

e) In Red Type you will see your current City.