Who created the liquid Crystals?

I am Justin Moikeha Asar K, the trusted messenger through time of The Liquid Crystals. In this life I have been known as a Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Naturopath and Telepathic Channel whom calls upon lifetimes of experience and ancient wisdom to aid in the realization of the ultimate self and its connection and embrace of the all that is. I am a keeper of the Pleiadian Liquid Light technologies and important part of the externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Brotherhood of Light on Earth.

The Liquid Crystals have taken life times to deliver, 15 years to remember, create and perfect and are an important step toward the embrace of all that we are in the eyes of the creator; Love, Power and Wisdom in peaceful oneness by freewill.

May the Wisdom in my words, Strength of my spirit and trust in my Love, help ignite your inner Fire so humanity may warm by its soft glow. Embrace the infinite one that you are, I am, Love Unconditional. The Crystals have returned.