De - Stress

De - Stress
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Simple Purpose:

Melts stress on all levels of being, provides support and calms Panic.

Crystals Included:

1) Herkimer Diamond - Keystone for the removal of stress from the physical body, especially the muscles. Removes the type of stress that leads to cancer. This stone links to a part of you that is not stressed and teaches the rest how to be that way.

2) Hematite - Creates a Protective Shield that reflects unwanted energies. Powerful Grounding and stabilizing stone. Encourages Action not Reaction.

3) Black Onyx - Centering, Balancing stone allowing self-control, emotional balance and wisdom in decision making. Supporting in its energy. Allows detachment by letting physical processes take their course in a relaxed and flowing manner.

4) Fluorite - Eliminates stress by allowing the mind to become organised and well structured, removing scatter and Disorganisation. Indicates when one is being manipulated. Instills Optimism.

5) Jasper - The supreme Nurturer. Calms the Emotions. Sustains body energy when levels are low. Absorbs negativity and is protective. Mothering.

6) Kunzite - Dissolves Negativity and is a stone of Unconditional Love. Encourages self-expression of thought and feelings. Frees one from the Past and Cuts Ties. Alleviates Panic Attacks and is Anti-depressive.

7) Petrified Wood - Allows one to find and focus on that which is most important in the moment and stops worry about things that are beyond control. Provides Strength.