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Deva Name - Azurel.

Crystals Simple Purpose with humanity - Spirit of Earth

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Loss of true earth connection and ability to express and communicate clearly. Unable to express emotions. Unimaginative. Weakness in ability to heal the self. Confused and Ungrounded.

Connected and grounded to the earth with free beautiful and clear communication. Creative and loving. Able to find the true cause of illness and cure it. Perfect expression of Emotion and thought.

Spiritual and Other Aspects -
Turquoise is second to none in its ability with communication and expression. Its energy primarily activates balances and heals the Throat Heart and Sacral chakras but its mastery is in allowing all the body systems chakras and aspects of self to communicate with each other which powerfully stimulates Healing and permanent cure. With Turquoise the spirit and physical worlds are joined and grounded. Psychic ability is enhanced and the desire to be of service to the earth is cultivated. When one is ready Turquoise can allow communication with the earth directly and may allow the listening to the Music of the Spheres.(Sound of the Planets movement in space). Sacred stone of the American Indians. Has the ability to connect one to the teachings of the Pleiadians.

Possible Physical - Skin disorders due to stress. Exhaustion. Depression. Panic attacks. Lowered Immune function. Viral infections. Eye problems including cataracts. Conditions due to acid imbalance such as Gout stomach ulcer and rheumatism. Inflammation.

Animal Totem - Bear

Essential Oil -Sage

Message from Azurel.

?Connect through me to the earths loving expression hear her call and play in her gardens of love. I am a river blue with the ray of communication I flow through you opening you to purity clarity and the art of truthful voice. Step into my calm waters as many have before you I am the pathway to the voice of spirit eternal.?