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Deva Name - Au-rumel

Crystals Simple Purpose with humanity - The Solar Angel

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Lost the potential of self and ability to find the inner beauty. Lowered protection in the nervous system allows high levels of Negativity Tension and Stress and opens to disease. Toxicity on all levels.

Inner Beauty and highest potential shine forth in all that is undertaken. The self is purified clearing negativity tension and stress providing stabilization at a holistic level. Regenerated.

Spiritual and Other Aspects -
Regenerates all aspects of self and infuses the desire to know spirit and grow via its embrace as a reality. Removes nightmares. Powerfully opens the crown and third eye Chakras. Gold is the spiritually higher aspect of Emerald where healing is concerned it is a Master Healing stone anchoring purification on all levels. Activates and links the Soul Star chakra via the crown.

Possible Physical - Multiple Sclerosis. Endocrine system. Tissue regeneration. Heart disease. Spinal alignment. Neurological problems Autism. Epilepsy. Dyslexia. Increases core body warmth.

Animal Totem - Eagle

Essential Oil -Frankincense

Message from Au-rumel

?My very essence is of the Sun I warm and carry the direct signature and purity of the infinite one. Alone I trigger the memory of the god self resting inside you and by my warmth and glow that memory will be recognized as fact. Hearing my call that part of you that is unbounded will restructure the very threads of your existence manifesting your perfection so your greater purpose may be recognized.?