Calcite Clear

Calcite Clear
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Deva Name - Kel-el

Crystals Simple Purpose with humanity - Universal Mind

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Fears of Mental transition allowing a lack of motivation. Singular vision losses options. Disconnection from the mental.

Calm and motivated in times of Mental Change. Ability to see many realities at once and act. Connection of all parts of self to the mental. Increased I.Q.

Spiritual and Other Aspects -
Awakens hidden intelligence. Works closely with the mental body. Allows the embrace of greater knowledge towards spiritual purpose increasing our awareness. Fragments of self are fused allowing past lives to be remembered and easily integrated into present life. The mind remembers information from astral travel and altered states.

Possible Physical - Kidney function. Eye problems.

Animal Totem - Hawk

Essential Oil -Peppermint

Message from Kel-el

? My rainbow array of brothers and sisters share the same base purpose unification through the light of universal mind. Through this I envelop you in freedom from fear time and space. Remember from the Universal mind your perfection and unlimited potential as oneness in all that is. My mind and yours are one.?