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TLC News.

Stock on the TLC Site.
For the first time, TLC Qualified Practitioners are now able to order STOCK LEVEL LIQUID CRYSTALS on the Liquid Crystals website, so if you have been holding off re-filling your stock set nows the time!

(To order your complete Stock Set of 77 email us anytime at

Level One Courses

We are very happy with all our TLC Facilitators around Australia who are doing an amazing job helping offer the wisdom of TLC. Level One TLC Practitioner courses are happening every month in every state so if you are waiting to become a practitioner, starting you Journey has never been easier. Check out our Facebook Events page and open the door to the most advanced crystalline modality on the planet.

New Products.

Starchild Series. - 7 New Combination Remedies are on the way each to treat a certain set of Starchild directives. These are an amazing addition to TLC's Childrens product range and will be available to Practitioners at stock level once they have completed the Liquid Crystal Starchild Course which will be on really soon.

Whale Song and Dolphin Song.....they are on there way. Whale Song Liquid Crystal. This Liquid Crystal Combination is a prototype and is one Justin Moikeha Asar has been working with for some time. TLC will release them soon to the rest of the world. Programmed by Justin out in the Ocean in the actual presence of Dolphins, Whales and Sharks.
This beautiful crystalline directive opens Dolphin and Whale Communication and the ability to embrace their pathways of purpose and Healing by drawing from the great Song Paths, Song prints and Song Lines of our planet and magnifying them with wave action.

Liquid Crystal Layout - Justin has been working for sometime on what he calls a 'Liquid Crystal Layout' where by detailed programming 154 Crystals appear in and on the body for set periods of time over a 45 minute process. He is really close and we have be trying it out. The Liquid Crystal Layout is Healing, Balancing and a true journey, it will be available in a matter of weeks. Each 50ml bottle has enough for 6 Crystal Layouts.

Liquid Crystal Lip Balms - These are amazing, all natural and are nearly ready, stay tuned and you can have Crystal Lips!

Practitioner Listing Page
Lastly you have asked, so we are giving you the chance to be on the TLC Site as a Qualified Practitioner. Things are moving quickly with TLC and we are calling ALL our practitioners to be ready to add themselves to the Practitioner web page. Soon you will receive an email asking for you to register and fill in the form.

This will be an easy way for the public to find you and your services.

As much information as you like can be added, including your contact emails etc. The Page(s) will be linked to a Search function to help with locating a close practitioner.

The other great thing this part of the site will offer, is the ability to state your Soul Crystal. This addition will aid the creation of Crystalline Healing circles around the world and put you all in touch with your crystal family. Enjoy.

The liquid Crystals are powerful vibrational remedies made from the Earths Metals, Minerals and Crystals. They are change facilitators, healing Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and thus Physical imbalance.
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