The Liquid Crystals Calendar Page - Tips for our new Website Tools


Tips for our new Website Tools -The Calendar Page.

As part of the modern creation of the Liquid Crystals and the reuniting of the Mineral Kingdom, the Earths Sacred crystalline order was revealed. A beautiful cycle of frequency based perfection towards Unity and Oneness, that plays out over and over, offering us the most potent vibration on and within the Earth each day.

This dance plays out, not only in the Earths body, but also within us as our personal Crystalline Cyclic Embrace.

At the Liquid Crystals we believe that each day, certain minerals are activated within our blood to follow the cycle. This allows you at your core, to vibrate at the level of one of the Earths Sacred 77 crystals each day. This influences all the choices on your path and the general flow of your Day, like an inner crystalline horoscope. Certain days are better than others for certain activities in life and when the Earths Crystal for the day and your Personal Crystal are take into account life can be not only understood, but made to flow more easily.

Here on the Liquid crystals website under the 'Tools' tab above, the Earths Crystal of the day can be found and we have been posting this on our Facebook page for sometime. Now, with our new site you can now discover your personal Crystalline Cyclic Embrace. This is done by entering your Birthday into the Personal Crystal Horoscope Tool on the Calendar Page. This will give you your current place in the cycle and the most potent vibration in your blood each day. When this is related to the Earths Crystal you can see you influences each day.

Today the Earths Crystal is Labradorite, the stone of Freewill. From the Horoscope Tool, my personal crystal after putting in my birthday today is Selenite the Crystal of Spiritual Guidance. This tells me allot about my goals today, so today is a great day for big Decisions regarding my desires and directions in life, a day where my Freewill is under the guidance of my Spirit........bring on the day.

Tell me, you don't want to know your influences today?

Also, remember that when we have those days we would rather forget there are always two crystals influencing us, understanding them, shows us the basis of our lessons. ;))

Te et ton Ra (Walk with Light)

Justin Moikeha Asar