The Garment of Stars – The Crystalline Cosmic Ascension Activations with Justin Moikeha Asar-SYD, MELB and Gold Coast


The Garment of Stars – The Crystalline Cosmic Ascension Activations with Justin Moikeha Asar-SYD, MELB and Gold Coast - 

Join Justin Moikeha Asar for a never to be repeated one off event journeying through the 33 NEW Starchild Crystals, anchoring them into your Consciousness on all levels with powerful Meditations and Activations over 11 weeks; Join us to wear the ‘The Garment of Stars’.

This is not The Starchild Directives Course but is an opportunity to experience and visit the 33 crystals housed in the modality as individual healing tools and recognize their purpose. A one off Event that will never be repeated , this event has the dual purpose of serving the Planet just as much as those that attend. These 11 weeks represent an amazing opportunity to play a role in the future of Humanities Crystalline Embrace and Constitution. 

Due to the arrangement of the 33 Crystals upon the Tree of Life we will begin at Directive 10 (Physicality) and move our way upwards through consciousness to the Divine and into Unity, eventually moving into complete recognition and Realization of the New Emotional Cosmic 11:11 Gateway. 

On each Night of Three Hours, Three NEW Starchild Crystals will be looked at in depth. Justin will reveal their Basic and Advanced Healing, Developmental and Spiritual associations, Secrets and Gifts. Time will be taken to recognize the three old world Crystals that make up each NEW Starchild crystal and information regarding the process of natural crystalline evolution will be shared. Every night will of course be accompanied by extensive notes and plenty of manual additions as only Justin knows how.
The Stargates and Emanation Points associated with each Starry directive will be discussed, and for the first time, the individual Starchild Crystal Tri-Point Earth Emanations will be revealed. These are real world Vibrational hot zones for each Crystal, each with there own activation Spaces and Gifts that can be worked with. All the information shared on the night will be made a home within the appropriate levels of self at the nights conclusion with a powerful guided Meditation/Activation ensuring what has been offered becomes a reality in your life, weather for personal development or to be used in the Service of others or your Planet. Each activation is original and is being shared by Asar for the first time, some simple, and some advanced, but all life changing. To maintain Group flow the activations may be shuffled but notice of what will be taking place will be on The Event Facebook page and Emailed out to Participants a week prior. The first two weeks topics and a listing of all crystals to be covered can be found by visiting Here ( ) where you will find a table that will be updated to indicate the Activations that are coming up. 

All the Crystals discussed on the nights will be individually available for purchase at the event at Dose level and a Combination Bottle of the three Crystals Programmed by Justin to facilitate the Journey is included each Week. 
There are strictly limited numbers and the Event(s) will be recorded with the express purpose of being publicly released at a later date.

NOTE;- After the eleven weeks if a Global Quotient has been reached, a 12th night may be offered Free of charge to be attended by those that have shown a suitable level of commitment, this will be solely at Justin’s discretion and Venue may differ from usual. 


“I think most of us know that the Starchild¬ren are here, and to a degree we are starting to see the scope of the Gifts that they offer. What few of us truly recognize, is that these Roles or Starchild Directives, are an Eleven-step program that can deliver Humanity into Unity consciousness through Emotion. A simple process guided by Tri-Phase Crystalline Frequencies and the Advanced Geometrics they contain.
This program of 11 weeks is a step to help humanity represent the tools that these Children have asked for so they can heal, exist and aid our holistic Evolution.
I look forward to going deep into each Crystal’s Spiritual Purpose and all the amazing gifts Physical to Otherworldly they offer. This is not just for TLC (The Liquid Crystals) practitioners familiar with my work, but an opportunity for anyone to glimpse the future of humanity and know their role within it. 
I have changed my life, altered its path and prepared to do this for the first part of the year, I AM Ready. Are You? A new world awaits; Lets give these Starborn Future makers a push in the right direction for a change. ” -JMAsar


This Course will Start on The 30th of May 2016, in Sydney and Finish on the 31st of August 2016 in Melbourne. 
Exact Times and detailed Dates can be found by Visiting here. )

All venues To Be Advised but they will be City Venues (Broadbeach in QLD) Exsact details will be Emailed out to Participants. 

- Full 11 Weeks (11 Nights of 3 Hours each) $1000 
(This must still be booked and confirmed by Email ( ) Includes- A guaranteed place at all 11 nights, Notes Each week, a Combination Bottle of the three weekly crystals programmed by Justin Moikeha Asar to facilitate the weeks Journey and a seat at the 12th Consolidation Night if it goes ahead. (NOTE;- 12th night is subject to Justin’s ok.))

-Part/Time Casual;- $100 Per/ Night  
Includes;- The Nights Notes and a Combination Bottle of the three weekly crystals programmed by Justin Moikeha Asar to facilitate the weeks Journey
(Please note; Casual Attendance still must be booked and confirmed by Email ( ) and will be subject to numbers and at Justin Discretion. Priority will be given to fulltime students in all states and also it should be noted that some activations run into each other on Successive weeks making Casual attendance less than advisable. 

This course is open to everyone. There is no prerequisite to join this program, however a basic wisdom regarding the work of Justin Moikeha Asar will lend itself to a more powerful outcome. As preparation we suggest you read or do some work with the Liquid Crystal Oracle. 

Bookings can only be made by Emailing Name/ Address and Contact Details too our EVENT dedicated EMAIL ADDRESS;- 


You will receive a Confirmation Email back with Payment Options and other Details. 

As there are Limited spaces for this Event, all attendance must be booked and confirmed by Email ( ) prior to the event(s). Spaces will be allocated based on availability at the time of booking and be warned with strictly limited spaces in each state, these events will sell out, be fast to avoid disappointment.