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Sarah D'Agata

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Soul Crystal Embraced

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Sarah D'Agata

Soul Crystal


Other TLC, Courses and/or Nights Completed with Justin Moikeha Asar.

TLC level 1
TLC level 2 ( old course)
TLC level 3 ( now Advanced Practitioner Course)
Integrated Ascension
Manifestation Course
Oneness Course
Crystalline Seeds
(All crystal days or evenings that Justin has held since 2009)

Location: St Kilda
State: Victoria
Country: Australia

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Sarah D'Agata

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About Me

I have a background as a homeopath, who came to the liquid crystals after using various other forms of vibrational medicines. I am now solely a liquid crystal practitioner, because for me they are truly a life changing modality that far transcends anything else I have ever worked with.
The liquid crystals are able to work on all levels of the spirit, mind, emotions and the body and I have seen this many times.
My particular interest with the liquid crystals is working with the cities of Atlantis and helping people to discover their true being and way forward via their own cyclic embrace of the crystals .
I also like to work with treating physical complaints and emotional issues.
Life with the liquid crystals is a beautiful journey