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Mary Lou Rey (Wabun)

TLC Practitioner

Advanced Practitioner

Starchild Practitioner

Soul Crystal Embraced

TLC 1 Teacher

Mary Lou Rey (Wabun)

Soul Crystal

Other TLC, Courses and/or Nights Completed with Justin Moikeha Asar.

Location: Brisbane.
State: Queensland
Country: Australia

Business Name:

Earth Touch Wholistic Healing

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Other Qualifications

Diploma of Kinesiology
Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Acupressure
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and Small Business Management
Educational Kinesiology (One Brain and Three in One Concepts) and Advanced Touch For Health, Neuro-Emotional Technique
Reiki Master in Usui and Seichem
Professional Singer & Vibrational Energy Healer
Spiritual Advisor and Councellor
doTerra Essential Oils Consultant

About Me

Blessings and Greetings,

My name is Mary Lou but many have known me for the last 22 years as Wabun.
I am a Natural Therapist in the Healing Arts with an extensive working background. I originally came from Canada and have made my home here in Australia.
I am very connected to the Earth and all our sacred elements imbued with the beautiful gifts she has brought to us to sustain us in well-being and good health ~ to find our way back to connecting with nature again through the heart and the senses we have been given to experience this amazing sacred journey!
It is a very significant time of change we are embracing in our growth and evolvement as human beings.

I have worked with crystals, sound and light energy for over 30 years. I am very blessed with the abilities my sacred teachers have revealed to me throughout my walk here.I try to honour the gifts I have been given through service to others to find that within themselves.

I am very excited to have become part of this beautiful family of Oneness Justin has graciously extended to us, through his work and creation with the Liquid Crystals, through his commitment and dedication with his gracious soul and heart!

I hope to continue and embrace all the courses offered to share with my family and friends and the many that come to my home based clinic as a TLC Practitioner.

I have been using the TLC Oracle Cards for about 10 years now. They literally called me into the shop...I walked straight over to the bookshelf looking up - grabbed the box and asked - Oh! What are these cards... The Liquid Crystals??!!...I have to have these...they seem to resonate so strongly with me. Lucky Me! :)

I feel blessed to be allowed into this unfolding world of The Liquid Crystals, to explore and discover this sacred and most valuable ancient knowledge and wisdom that they lovingly share - to transcend us -into the beings of Light here on Earth that we have always been, and remind us where our journey started - to bring peace and harmony to our planet Earth again, once more.

Peace Love and Acceptance,begins within.... Walk with beauty and respect.

Much Love to All <3