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Katie McCarthy

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Soul Crystal Embraced

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Katie McCarthy

Soul Crystal


Other TLC, Courses and/or Nights Completed with Justin Moikeha Asar.

Location: West Lamington
State: Western Australia
Country: Australia

Business Name:

Violet and lion

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Other Qualifications

Reiki masters
diploma of forensic healing (studying)
diploma of beauty therapy
diploma of naturopathy (studying)

About Me

I am passionate about natural healing therapies and using them to connect with our selves and our souls to heal and in turn heal each other and connect in unity to raise the vibration of our world as a whole. I am a Reiki master and Liquid crystals practitioner and currently studying forensic healing. I am always striving to live the holistic lifestyle I wish to empower others to lead, the liquid crystals modality is a subtle yet profound modality that I am passionate about and have great respect for. I carry out all my healing modalites with respect and integrity. My intention is to support and empower myself and others on their healing journey and provide the tools needed to discover the root cause of issues that lead to blockages and imbalances in life.