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Karen Venturi

TLC Practitioner

Advanced Practitioner

Starchild Practitioner

Soul Crystal Embraced

TLC 1 Teacher

Karen Venturi

Soul Crystal


Other TLC, Courses and/or Nights Completed with Justin Moikeha Asar.

Location: Narangba
State: Queensland
Country: Australia

Business Name:

Earth Vibrations Narangba

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Other Qualifications

Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Massage therapist ( lomi lomi)
Reiki Master & Trainer
Business Owner Earth Vibrations
Nail Technician
Young living consultant
Doterra consultant

About Me

Hello beautiful people I hope the world is being kind to you and if not, lets get to work on changing that.....Anything is possible. Faith and Love have been instrumental tools for my journey, Leading me to this incredible modality, TLC. I would be so grateful and honoured to walk part of your journey with you while you discover YOU. I have worked in the alternate health industry for more than 15 years now running my own successful business.I have seen and heard many things, modalities, clients, customers, and put simply I have never seen anything shift people like TLC does. I live & feel this modality with the whole of my heart & would be so grateful to share my experience of it with you. Every consult is different and rightly so because YOU are different.The day I found the TLC I found my light and family <3>