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Jade Renee Banks

TLC Practitioner

Advanced Practitioner

Starchild Practitioner

Soul Crystal Embraced

TLC 1 Teacher

Jade Renee Banks

Soul Crystal

Other TLC, Courses and/or Nights Completed with Justin Moikeha Asar.

Location: Sunshine Coast
State: Queensland
Country: Australia

Business Name:

Jade Renee Banks

Phone Number:

0450 582 586

Public Email:


Other Qualifications

Bachelor of Health Science.
Master Lightworker Practitioner.
Lightworker Practitioner Facilitator.
Certificate of Reiki II.
Australian Bush Flower Essences.

About Me

My professional experience within the healthcare and healing industry spans 13 years, initially within the orthodox medical system and evolving into a focus on holistic healing the past 5 years. My personal experience has been a lifelong journey exploring all avenues to heal and evolve myself. Through much self-work and spiritual training, I am now able to harness my gifts to help others on their spiritual journey as a human being. My sensitivity is now my strength as a powerful intuitive and emotional healer with a deep understanding of the chakra system and energetic bodies. My greatest passion is helping others to embrace their gifts and live an Earthly life of Spiritual purpose.