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Jacqueline Palazzo

TLC Practitioner

Advanced Practitioner

Starchild Practitioner

Soul Crystal Embraced

TLC 1 Teacher

Jacqueline Palazzo

Soul Crystal

Other TLC, Courses and/or Nights Completed with Justin Moikeha Asar.

The Liquid Crystals Practitioner

Location: Melbourne
State: Victoria
Country: Australia

Business Name:

Jacqueline Palazzo

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Other Qualifications

Diploma of Kinesiology
Reiki 1, 2 and 3A
Cert. of Crystalline Wisdom
Cert. Angel Card Reader
Aromatic Kinesiology
Chiron Healing

About Me

I am a passionate Kinesiologist and Energy & Soul Medicine Maverick.

I work with women and teenagers who are dissatisfied with their job, soul-led business or study - women who are depressed, anxious or disconnected to reconnect to their souls purpose, to find themselves again, to find the love they seek within themselves and to live their life authentically and abundantly as their true goddess self.

I've been working with clients since 2013. The Liquid Crystals are a powerful and potent set of transformational tools that I am honoured work with and share with my tribe of soul clients.