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Gaia El Aon

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Starchild Practitioner

Soul Crystal Embraced

TLC 1 Teacher

Gaia El Aon

Soul Crystal


Other TLC, Courses and/or Nights Completed with Justin Moikeha Asar.

Level 1 Practitioner Course
Level 2 Practitioner Course
Oneness Course
Crystalline Seeds of Healing

Location: Truceee / Lake Tahoe, California
State: Outside Australia
Country: USA

Business Name:

Soul Journeys with Gaia

Phone Number:

(530) 386-8005

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Other Qualifications

Reiki III
Sacred womb/hara clearing
Emotional/self responsibility support
Learning Kahuna massage and about Essential Oils
Compassionate and Intuitive Listening
Sound Therapy

About Me

I LOVE LIFE! SOOO Much! When I was younger I wanted to experience everything so I had stories to tell when I grew older. Now I don't care so much about the stories, but I still love experiencing everything!

As a Ray 4, I fully understand what it means to live life with a "trial by fire" outlook. I used to think this was wrong and I was unstable, but now it has become so much fun for me that my family was ready to declare me insane. Ha ha ha! (No joke)

I've discovered that I am a catalyst to move people from their stuck and numb selves into feeling. Sometimes it is painful, sometimes blissful, but to stop moving is to die. How many dead people would give it all for just one more breath?

So, I've birthed two amazing children, worked in a machine shop, learned the art of glassblowing, snow skied since I was 6, taught skiing with world class skiers, worked in a nursery (plant), landscaped, owned a flower shop where I talked with the flowers daily, have shot as a professional photographer, am well versed in photoshop and a digital artist. I can drive tractors and have raced mountain bikes, learned to surf, cleaned toilets, am an amazing cook and though there's so much more, I AM really just a lover.

Really though, all the experiences I've had and training I've done is about simply living life, and aligning for this moment right now. I honor courage, honesty and humility. I can assist people who are willing to dive deep into their shadows so that One can embrace even the scary parts, recognizing within and completing what they were afraid to embrace before.

What I love about the Liquid Crystals is their integrity, flexibility and effectiveness in helping One to heal Oneself. I respectfully use them in every aspect of my life, from yoga, to reiki, massage, cooking, children... etc. Because I have seen and experienced first hand the Love, Power and Wisdom they hold.

I am honored and grateful to be able to share this with you.