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Dean Howard

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Dean Howard

Soul Crystal

Black Onyx

Other TLC, Courses and/or Nights Completed with Justin Moikeha Asar.

Nun-te-ku-ba, Great Teachers of the Ocean
The Crystal Skulls
Dreams,The Art of Manifestation
The Physical Seeds of Healing
The Crystaline Path of 2011
Herkimer Diamond - Day of Oneness
Aventurine - Day of The Unlimited Self

Location: Coogee (Sydney)
State: New South Wales
Country: Australia

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About Me

Hi Beautiful People! My name is Dean and I am a Certified Liquid Crystal Practitioner :-)
I've been on the healing path for about 8 years (since 2005) of which I have worked with the Liquid Crystals for the last 6 of those years and been a Practitioner for the last 2 years. The truth is no healing is ever required, as everything is always perfect. You just need to remember the truth. The more you embrace the truth of who you are, the more you become empowered and the more you are able to create your life with ease. But we need to allow this to happen and to embrace change. This is where the Liquid Crystals have become a daily part of my life.
I had the poor health, bad relationships, depression, addictions, etc. The Liquid Crystals made sure this is all behind me. If you are drawn to the Liquid Crystals you are open to the possibility of change in your life and if you let it unfold, the Liquid Crystals will powerfully assist in you creating a new way of living.
I make up dose bottles regularly and give guidance when asked. Feel free to contact me if you feel guided to.
Te et ton Ra