Why make Liquid Crystals?

A. Basic

The problem in the past was a Crystal or Stones most beneficial properties were within it and not within its energy field, thus these properties could not be absorbed into essences or liquid form and could only be obtained through carrying or having the physical stone directly touching the skin of the body. The only way the Crystal or Stones Physical geometric properties could be placed in an essence or liquid, was if its physical geometric structure could be broadcast into a Living energy field or substance. That is exactly what I have done with the Liquid Crystals.

Through a set of Alchemical and Pleaidian Liquid Light processes the energetic structure as well as the exact nature given energies and geometry's have been placed within a liquid to be absorbed by the physical body . If in the past you had a stone around you for its beneficial effects, now not only can you have it close, but you can hold it within you. This of course accelerates the Healing process and beneficial effects of the Stones and Crystals on all levels of being.

B. Advanced

There was no complete representation in oneness for each crystal here on Earth. At the fall of Atlantis the complete silicon based beings that are the crystals, were placed into separation, through the creation of Sub-Devic beings. These were spread across the globe to protect humanity, until ready, from the issues that were created in Atlantis.

Through the Liquid Crystals they are being reunited as holistic energies and the Sub-Devic are melding back to their former glory as Master Devas. This process is mirrored in the human kingdom, as we move from Humans to Ascended Masters, which was the long awaited trigger for the rebirth of these divine beings of light, Atlantis and ultimately Lemuria.