Who and What are, The Council of Seven and The Seven Master Crystals?

Long ago, close to the fall of Lemuria into physicality, it was decided that the seven most important stones to that civilization, The Master Seven or Seven Lights of Earth, should be protected and carried into Atlantian Culture. To do this, seven Lemurian high priests one of each temple dedicated to that mineral, entered an agreement with earth, where by they shifted their evolutionary pathway from Human to Devic. (Love to Wisdom).

These beings became the Devas of the Seven Master Crystals and are known as The Counsel of Seven. Later, in Ancient Atlantis before its fall, those that knew of the impending doom, programmed the Lemurian and Atlantian Pathways of Mastery, into the Seven master minerals. If one could get the right combination in sequence, then the alignment with this combination over a Twenty One day span would lead to a highly enlightened state via the gathering of ones past wisdom's.

In Atlantis this was often adopted as a way of life and was in fact a key process in the White Temples of Atlantis where one was in a constant 21 process with only 7 days of rest between cycles. Since then, in all the Ancient cultures of the world, at different times, these Seven Stones have made their presence felt. Rarely are all these stones talked about in the one country, religion or even continent. Each is sacred to a different culture around the world, this was part of the plan, implemented to be sure that only those that understood what they were doing could unlock the secret.

At the rate that earth is evolving the time is right for the sharing of this powerful method of growth. The process may be successful to a degree with the correct placements of the physical stones on the body, but the Key to the process in Atlantis was the Liquid Crystals. They alone, allowed complete restructuring.

The Seven Master Crystals are, Clear Quartz, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Emerald, Silver and Gold.

The Council of Seven are, Cry-El-o-el, Ru-Bast-el, Lazawardel,

NUN-el, Vert-el, Argen-tel-m and Au-rumel.