What is the Lord of time Trinity?

This trinity is used to make time an Illusion and aids travel outside of its boundaries which humanity has set for themselves.

The Lord of Time Trinity links us powerfully and consciously to our lifetimes in the Past, Present and Future. This allows the wisdom's of the past to be used in the present to make sense of our position in the world. The crystals then aid the formation of a defined Future through present day actions and realizations. In short, this sequence defines who, what and why we are, guiding us from our self created cyclic nature and placing us on our path forward. This trinity often answers the age old question, "Why am I here?" Crystal One is a powerful activation and doorway Crystal; it opens the past to the conscious mind. Crystal Two is a powerful realization stone; it allows one to see the reality of Now through the lens of the past and Future.

Crystal three opens the soul records; it offers guidance so one may find, recognize and focus on the path they choose before birth. In taking the trinity, one moves through opening the relevant Past issue or life, using that new found wisdom in the Now and then finally stepping fearlessly into the Future. The Minerals used are, Petrified Wood, Clear Calcite and Labradorite.

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