What is the Difference between a Liquid Crystal and other Crystal Remedies?

The Liquid Crystals are different to any Crystal remedies, Essences or Elixers on earth at this time, for many reasons, below are some of them.

The Liquid Crystals. Other Essences and Elixers.
Complete ancient Lemurian, Atlantian and Pleaidian Liquid Light process. Involving applied Sacred Geometry and the laws of Alchemy utilizing Planetary, Solar, Luna, and Universal energy and Law. Usually a single part of a more detailed process remembered from Atlantis that often involves the Sun, moon or heat but no other elemental bodies.
Reunited crystals from every part and country of Earth where they are found. This equals holistic representations of the true Crystalline Energies and the most potent, accurate crystalline energies on Earth at this time. Usually one or two pieces, often from the same or most common areas of the world where that crystal is found. This Equals parts of individual crystalline energy beings not the totality.
The total Crystalline Being in Liquid Form, all energy bodies, including the physical via sacred geometry. Usually contains only the etheric energy field and occasionally one other energy level outside of the physical. None of the inner geometry of a crystal.
The geometries and holistic nature of the remedy allow the Liquid Crystal to hold the same properties as the physical stone empowered, due to the oneness principle. Due to lacking geometries and high energy bodies, the essence will not hold the same properties or do as much as the physical stone.
The Geometric principle acts as a Physical Body and anchors and generates the energy bodies, this allows the crystal to be alive, with an ability to regenerate itself on all levels, just like a physical one. No geometric principle means the remedy has no means to regenerate the energy bodies or even anchor them with integrity especially into water. The anchor is the intention of the person making the remedy.
Direct contact to 77 Master Devas of the mineral Kingdom. Better than any one Physical Stone. Rarely provide contact with any Devic beings, the physical stone is usually better.
Due to embrace of the Devic, Human and Angelic Kingdoms in the process, all the Three fold flame's aspects are within the remedies; Love, Power and Wisdom. Due to the level of human intervention in the process, the Remedy usually will become a thing of Love only.
All minerals worked with, in the production of the Liquid Crystals are owned by the Earth. Ownership is often an issue. Where one believes they own a Crystal, they do. The Earth cannot fix this, thus remedies made with owned crystals are separate to her and her healing embrace.
Still holds all the programmability of a physical crystal, but as a liquid can enter the physical body. Unable to be programmed, due to the lack of the inner geometrics.
Pure beyond the physical substance, due to the direct action of the Master Deva. Usually less pure than the physical substance, due to human intervention.