What are the Chakra Trinities?

The Chakra Trinities are the most revered and powerful minerals of Opening, Clearing, Healing and Increasing frequency of the in-body chakras. These sequences of three crystals, come directly from the White Healing Temples of Atlantis, were the foundations of The Halls of Light and an advanced healing technique referred to as The Embrace of Isis.

The three crystals in the chakra trinities are in three separate bottles, these are taken in sequence, one on each day, over a 21 day span that is followed by Seven days of integration and intense healing. Crystal one in the sequence is a powerful activation and opening crystal, crystal two is a healing and clearing stone and the third in the cycle raises the chakras frequency to the highest point available to the individual which aids the healing to become permanent.

The taking of the three crystals in order means that the sequence is completed seven times over the 21 days, once for each of the Seven Rays of Creation. This anchoring effect, allows that, for the 7 final days, one is under the influence of an Energetic Geometric Mineral that is not yet available on Earth, but will be created physically at the close of the next Atlantian cycle. The 28 day Trinity Cycle, can be employed in association with the Luna Calendar integrating healing in alignment with the Music of the Spheres and the Universe.