How do The Liquid Crystals Work?

This is a big question to which I have several answers each a little deeper than the last, enjoy and please come back until you understand them.

1.Like all true healers through the ages, including the father of orthodox medicine Hippocrates, I believe that the seed of disease is not a physical thing. Disease is the physical body's reaction to a lack of balance in one or more of the aspects of a human being. The most commonly recognized of these are, the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional levels. Disease should not be something we dread, dwell upon or spend our lives worrying about, for it is an important stepping stone back to balance and often our true purpose.

You come to this planet in a physical body to learn and master the experience of physicality, beyond that there is an individual life purpose. When you are in alignment with that purpose there are fewer bumps in the road of life. Living this way is a spiritual and intuitive process, requiring truth, honesty, self love and a degree of spiritual attunement. It is here that the Liquid Crystal can help as they support and offer insights into all the levels of self, holding you close to your purpose here on earth.

2. The Mineral Kingdom is made up of Elements these are set aspects of earth that are identical no matter where they are found in the Universe. Elements form Minerals which form the basis of Nutrition and an aspect of what we need to be healthy. These Minerals are the same substances we know as Metals, Crystals and Stones. In reality we should receive a balance of these by interaction with our natural world, as well as in food and water as part of our natural health regime. But it is not just the physical substance that is of importance to our health, it is the energies and geometry's that minerals contain and broadcast that allow the true free and healthy state, which starts at the spiritual.

The liquid Crystals provide these energies, at their most potent level, as energetic geometric sequences, that initiate the healing pathways on all levels without the crudity of physical substance, which is often toxic or detrimental.

3. The Human being, like all in creation, including crystals, is made up of many sensitive Energetic Geometric Structures and sequences. These are Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical energies broadcast into geometric forms, depending on their origin. In Disease the integrity of these structures is compromised so the bodies simply integrate the Crystal's or Stone's structure to facilitate repair. The powerful healing abilities of the mineral kingdom are hidden in their perfectly structured, sequences of geometry which they demonstrate even in the physical. These geometric sequences are not available to us this refined from any other source on earth or in the universe.

The Liquid Crystals make these Geometries available all the way to the pure untainted etheric template level. This exchange affects all levels of the human being, from the physical, infinitely outward, leading to change through the bodies and an outward expression of Healing.

4. We are powerful beings, every thought we think and emotion we feel, directs energy into creation and manifests things into the physical. Although that sounds great, because it means we can have all that we want, it also means if thoughts and emotions are un-mastered we will get all that we don't want, which is where disease comes from. No matter what we allow the word disease to mean, at some stage it will become physical, at which stage we have converted unconditional love through the mental, emotional and physical filters of human perception into creation, the avenue and end result of this is a Sacred Geometric sequence broadcast into physical reality as form. This disease is now in need of de-creation or healing.

Duality is a ruling component of the human race that stems from a bad choice long ago. It is the understanding that if there is black, there must be white to balance it in the universe, this allows all to be transient and a path back to the original perfection that existed before the creation, a oneness or even the God principle. Due to the fact we live in a world still based in duality, the laws apply to disease, this means that as a disease is manifested, the cure is simultaneously available if we can find and embrace it.

The 77 most common disease processes or sequences of sacred geometry manifest by man to distance them selves from God are polarized by the 77 simple purposes of the liquid crystals on multiple simultaneous dimensional levels leading to true and complete cure, not by a new creation, but by the embrace of the Source of all creation.