How are The Liquid Crystals Prepared?

Liquid Crystals are prepared by imprinting a Crystals individual Holistic Planetary vibrational healing signature into water and holding it there with the geometry that creates it.

Although I cannot reveal the exact processes involved in the creation of the Liquid Crystals at this time, I can offer a simple insight in to what is involved.

Their creation is a three part process -

1)Firstly specimen's were activated and acquired from all the areas of the world where that particular mineral is found, which sometimes meant thousands of pieces and took the bulk of the 15 years it has taken to re-create them.

Once the collection was completed and activated the Master Deva of the mineral utilized the frequency as a doorway, contacted me and offered their Sound(Name) and Ancient Symbol to be used as future doorway and activation for that minerals Master Crystalline Grid, which was later activated.

2)The Master Crystalline Grid for that mineral now active. The healing vibrations around the crystals were captured, via Solar and Luna Energies, the Earths breath, pulse and spin. This aspect also utilized powerful grid vortexes specific to the individual mineral and is an aspect of Pleiadian Liquid Light Technology that had not been completely practiced since Atlantis.

3)Lastly Pleiadian Liquid Light technology was utilized. The holistic minerals internal geometries and geometric energy outputs were infused and imprinted into crystalline water at a set level that carries integrity into the new Liquid structure. The result is the total crystal and all its properties in a liquid, with none of the physical stone itself actually present. The resulting crystal has never been touched by human hands. The Liquid Crystals come directly from the earth to you.


At no time am I an instrument in the channeling of energies directly through myself into or around the formation process of the Liquid Crystals, the process is truly alchemical and repeatable by nature. I simply act as an instrument of Wisdom, Love and Power, delivering the elements of creation to the Devic as asked. This allows the ancient holistic and forgotten doors behind which they wait to open. I also must state that each individual mineral has an individual method of evolution into liquid form, no two methods were completely the same.