The TLC Advanced Course - TLC – II

This Course contains the true Atlantian History told from someone that was there and remembers it like yesterday and all the concepts and information that Justin Moikeha Asar deemed more advanced from all the TLC content over the years. He has searched through the TLC notes from Crystal nights, Activations and even more Spiritual topics and put it all in one place.

The basic contents are below, but topics are always being added to this body of wisdom. This course is an example of what occurs when an Atlantian High Priest is Re-born and knows who he is. This course contains the most advanced Crystalline Information on the Earth today.

You must have completed the Basic TLC Practitioner course to sit this one.

NOTE;- This course Qualifies the TLC Practitioner to use the TLC Advanced Stock Set- A set of 39 NEW Tools and Set Crystalline programs that facilitate detailed treatment and ongoing support both Physically and Spiritually. 


This Course runs for two full days 10-6:00pm.



Other Investments;-

The TLC Advanced Stock Set $600.00 - Includes 39 Amazing Tools Boxed and ready to change the World. 

****Contents of the New Advanced Practitioner Stock Set ****
13 fine tuned Crystal Skulls at stock level. -(Allows the 77 Original TLC's to become Crystal Skulls.)
11 Animal Attunement Liquid Crystals- (Tailors the 77 to Animal Treatment.)
11 Human Body System Keys
(Opens Body Systems for direct potent healing.)
1 Trinity Configuration Enabler. 
(Allows Trinities in One Bottle)
1 Atlantian City Integrator. Septogenorator 
(Creates set of seven Crystals) 
1 Past life Activator.
1 Home Grid Creator Injector 
(For Dosing Houses, Offices and big areas)

A Brief description of some of the course contents:

  • The History of Lemuia and Atlantis.
  • The Atlantian Cycle.
  • Advanced programming, Dosing and sequencing.
  • Pleiadan Liquid Light work with the Cards.
  • The 21 Day, 21 Crystal remedy sequence for Ascension and Manifestation.
  • The Three Flames, Love Power and Wisdom and the Liquid Crystals.
  • The 13 Color Rays and the Trinities of Color with the waves of Creation- Their use in healing and Evolution.
  • Primary and Secondary Color Ray Crystalline Guardians and working with them.
  • The Eye of Ra Sequence.
  • The Eye of Horus Sequence.
  • The Sacred Order of Crystals.
  • The Cities of Atlantis and the Atlantian Tree of Life.
  • The Crystalline Tree of life and Traveling upon it. –Crystalline Path Guides, Principles Of the Atlantian Cities, Entry and Exit Guardians.
  • The Sacred Trinities of the Atlantian Cities.
  • Atlantian Minor and Major Hyperspace work.(Traveling the Tree in Crystalline Consciousness)
  • The 77 Sacred Geometric Light Codes.
  • The True understanding of being a High Priestess/Priest in the Crystal Temples and your role for Earth. The Ancient Grades of the Atlantian Way
  • Initiation of the 77 Light Codes. Anchoring the Crystalline body into the Physical body.
  • Advanced work with the Liquid Crystal Symbol cards. Reading the cards, Layouts, past, present and future work.
  • Etheric Geometric encapulation for healing and spiritual growth with TLC cards.
  • The Simple Conditions of the 77 Liquid Crystals.
  • Traveling the Stars with Crystalline Trinities.
  • Your Birth Star and the Crystal to which it is Aligned(the source of your Soul Light).
  • Utilizing the Symbols in Meditation, the creation of devic doorways and full devic integration.
  • Advanced Devic Communication-Direct Alignment.
  • The Liquid Crystal- Earth, Sun and Moon Trinities.
  • The Lord of Time Trinity.
  • The Liquid Crystals and their Essential Oil Counterparts.
  • Animals and the Liquid Crystals. (The animal Totems for each of the 77 liquid crystals and how to work with them).
  • Treating the Starchild. (A comprehensive insight into the modern masters and aiding their realization and Healing.)
  • Guidelines and information on working with the three Advanced Practitioner only Liquid Crystals.

Included in the course cost:

  • An extensive 200 page Advanced practitioner manual.
  • A time you will never forget, this will change your life.
  • 3 Stock bottles only available to Advanced TLC Practitioners
    • The Ruby Record Keeper Liquid Crystal
    • Silver Ocean Selenite Liquid Crystal
    • Ocean Pyrite Liquid Crystal

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