Become a Liquid Crystal Practitioner

From Signs and symptoms and making up TLC remedies, to knowing crystal correspondences in the night sky, the TLC Courses make up the most complete and advanced Crystalline modality on the Earth today.

The Basic course includes all our background principles, including remedy choice, working with the Liquid Crystals, making up remedies and intimate work with the Master Crystal Devas. Completion of the course is a prerequisite to the purchase of the Stock Level of The Liquid Crystals.

At TLC there is always something on, from meditation nights to the many basic and advanced courses that we offer. To view what is on and when, please visit the Events section of our Facebook page.

There are principally two levels in the TLC Practitioner Courses:

The Basic Level One Course - TLC - I
The Advanced Course - TLC - II

Practitioner Courses